Classical Guitar Lesson

Affordable Private Classical Guitar & Ukulele Lesson

A Cave Fills With Music

Always wanted to learn to play a guitar or ukulele? But no time to travel to music schools or the timing doesn't match yours? Individual class at music school require your to pay deposit and registration / admin fees?

I am a Freelance Classical Guitar and Ukulele Instructor / Teacher providing Personal Private Classical Guitar Lesson at the comfort of your own pace at my place located in east area.
No deposit and registration fees require. But of cause school fees still require.. :Þ

Be it just for leisure or intend to attempt the ABRSM guitar practical exam (eg Grade 1 to 5).

Feel free to drop by at Music@H-Cave for more information. 

Please allow me sometime to get back to you if I busy at that moment, thank you :)

Thank You & Best Regards :)



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